UAN Activation – [ Activate UAN In 4 Simple Step ] Compulsory for UAN Portal

By | December 21, 2017

Hello guys, Hope you Know what is UAN? If you don’t Know about UAN. Then, it is necessary to know about UAN Number before UAN Activation.

EPFO has launched a Unified Member Portal. And, along with this portal. They also introduced a concept of UAN Number. This is like Universal Account Number (UAN). And, It is provided by EPFO to the Employees covered under EPFO.

The Member Portal provided by EPFO called EPFO Member Portal or UAN Member Portal. The Member (Employee) can avail various types of the facility with it.

But, there is a procedure to use this portal. UAN Activation is compulsory to gain access to member portal. Therefore, we are going to share 4 simple step to Activate UAN.

What is UAN?

EPFO has assigned a 12 digit UAN (Unique Number) to their member. The 12 Digit UAN Number will act as an Identity Number for Member. And, EPFO Identify the member by UAN Number in his/her entire Career. It can link to multiple PF Account Number. Which, allow for PF Account Portability of EPF Account from Old Employer to New Employer. In case of Job changing from One Company to other.

EPF Account Portability was one of the most painful problems for a member. At the time of changing Job. Becuase, earlier the member could not transfer the same PF Account under his/her New Employer. But, After introducing the concept of UAN. It becomes possible for EPFO Member.

Still little Confused about How UAN Work? & UAN Activation.

As I have described little bit at the beginning of this Article about What is UAN? So, now we will discuss “How UAN Work”?

I will describe this by giving you a real example… from my own EPFO Services experience. Because I have faced the problem in PF withdrawal in 2013.

“I was working in a Reputed Internal Organization from 2011. But, in March 2013 I decided to change the Job as I was getting a  better opportunity. So, I gave the resignation and Joined a new Job in another Company. 

But, that time EPFO did not introduce the UAN concept. So, I could not transfer my same PF account to New Employer. Therefore, It became necessary for me to withdraw PF amount. Hence, as per the EPFO policy. I went to fill the PF withdrawal form 11 to Old Employer (HR Department) after 45 days from last working day. 

I filled the form 11 & completed all the formalities for the same. However, I did not get my PF amount in the time frame which was 60 days. It took around 4 to 5 months to get settled. So, guys If the UAN concept would have introduced at that time. I could transfer my same PF account to my New Employer. Rather than, withdrawing it.”

(If you are thinking this is the only benefit of UAN. Then, you are wrong… There are lots of benefits of UAN which I will tell you later in this article.)

Why is Activation Compulsory of UAN?

UAN Activation is Compulsory to gain the access to UAN Portal. And, without the access to Member Portal. You won’t be able to avail any of the single facility. Like:- Download E Passbook… Online EPF Balance Enquiry… & Know EPF Balance SMS etc…

The Username or User ID of Member Portal would be your UAN Number for always.  And, the Password set by you at the time of Activating UAN. Therefore,  it becomes compulsory for all Employee to activate UAN. Because Inactivated UAN won’t be added to EPFO database for login into Member Portal.

Benefits of Activating UAN for EPFO Portal.

  • After Activation of UAN Number, The member can Check PF Balance with UAN by Downloading UAN Passbook. As earlier this facility was not available. And, most of us did not even know what is my PF account balance.
  • One of the most useful facility after activating UAN is PF Portability. As I share my personal experience with you. This is the most useful facility provided EPFO. If someone is planning for his/her retirement plan with EPFO Saving Scheme. It is a perfect feature for them. Because they don’t need to withdraw PF even after changing Job. They can carry their Old PF account with previous EPF balance. In short, The Member can Transfer PF from Old Employer to New Employer.
  • We know these days every service provider takes Client, Customer or Member KYC. For Know them in a better manner. It is also necessary to Update KYC in UAN Member E-Sewa Portal. But, without activating UAN Number. You won’t be able to Update Your KYC.
    • After updating KYC on EPFO Member Portal. You will have a fast claim Settlement. When you apply for PF withdrawal.
    • You don’t need to contact your previous employer for EPF Withdrawal or Transfer Your PF account.
  • The member can download UAN Card from the Member Portal. By doing log in with Activated UAN. UAN Card is like a normal card which carries the member details. Like, UAN Number… Name…. DOB….. KYC Status… & UAN Status etc…

Now let’s Check out “How to Activate UAN”? In 4 Simple Step.

To Activate UAN, please follow these 4 Step.s as

How to do UAN Activation

  • Step 3. You will redirect to New Page. Where you have to provide some details as below screenshot. Enter the detail as per the fields & Correct “CAPTCHA”. Then, Click on “Get Authorization Pin” button.

epf online payment

  • Step 4. Last but not the least, You will receive OTP on Registered Mobile Number. Enter the Correct OTP and Click on “Validate OTP and Activate UAN”.

epf delh

(Note:- After doing all these 4 steps to activating UAN. It will take time (24 to 48 Hrs) to get Activated. So, don’t bother if you don’t see your UAN Status Activated.)

Now the question is “How to Check UAN Status”? Whether it is Active or Inactive.

No problem! We are going to tell about “Know Your UAN Status”. It has around 6 Step to be taken. Then, you will get to know, What is your UAN Status?. So, Please follow the Step.

pf balance check immediately

  • Step 3. Enter the respective details in the field and correct “CAPTCHA”. Then, Click on “Get Authorization Pin” button.

how to check pf balance

  • Step 4. You will receive an OTP on your Register Mobile Number.
  • Step 5. Enter the OTP & Click on “Validate OTP and Get UAN” button.

provident fund check balance

epf online payment

  • Step 6. Last but not the least, A successful message will appear on the screen. And, In a meanwhile, you will receive a Text Message on your register mobile Number with UAN Activation Status.

epfo claim status

epfo know your balance

Final Word:- We have dedicated this page to UAN Activation Process. So, hope you guys find it as a useful article. If yes, Please do press CTRL+D to Bookmark this site for future reference. Thanks… Have a great day… 🙂

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