Update EPF KYC – [ UAN KYC Activation ] 8 KYC Activation Documents

By | January 10, 2018

Update EPF KYC as it has become necessary as per the EPFO… Yes, you read it very right! The EPFO covered Employee has to update their EPF KYC on UAN Member Portal. Then, they will be able to avail some interesting facility like… Online PF withdrawal, Online EPF Transfer & Fast Claim Settlement.

Do you Know “What is KYC?”

KYC Stands for “Know Your Customer”. And, it’s a process in which Company & Organization identity their Customer or Client. Every Company & Organization run this KYC Programme to Know Their Customer in a better manner. They also ensure that the product & services provided by them… it not used for any illegal purpose.

Now you must be thinking… 🙂 “Which Documents are acceptable for Update EPF KYC”?

No problem we have published the list of those 8 documents which are acceptable for EPF KYC Activation. Please find the list of the Document…

  1. PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  2. Bank Account Details (Account Number, Account Name & IFSC Code)
  4. Passport
  5. Driving License
  6. Election Card – Voter ID Card
  7. Ration Card
  8. National Population Register

[Recomendation:- Please be advised that we recommend you to Update EPF KYC with PAN, Bank Account details, and Aadhar Card. If you will update these 3 details on EPF Member Portal. Then, you will get fast claim Settlement at the time of PF withdrawal.]

Benefits of EPFO Member Login KYC Update!

EPFO has launched a Unified Member Portal with lots of Benefits. As the EPFO Member can avail various type of facilities online itself. They just need to Activate UAN Number & Update KYC on Member Portal.

So, we recommend you to Update EPFO KYC without doing any delay. And, start getting benefits of UAN Portal. Please find some measure benefits of Updating KYC on EPFO Unified Portal.

  • Once you update your UAN KYC on EPF Portal. You will Start getting SMS Alert for Monthly Transaction of your EPFO Account.
  • As I said earlier & also recommend you to Update KYC with PAN, Bank Account Details & Aadhar Card… Because, it helps in Fast Claim Settlement. When you apply for PF withdrawal after updating KYC details.
  • If you have not updated your KYC details… Then, your PF Withdrawal, EPF Fund Transfer, EPF Account Transfer & other requests can be rejected due to KYC not update reason.
  • When you update KYC and got approval from your Employer. That means you get a free hand at the time of Requesting for EPF Claim Transfer Online. So, updating KYC is very beneficial & necessary. Please go for it & convert your EPFO tricky work into easy & hassle free Job.

How to Update your KYC Information in EPF?

Update EPF KYC

  • Click on “KYC” option.

epfo kyc member login

  • Select the Document type by clicking on the Checkbox.

update your kyc information uan

  • Now Enter the Correct KYC Document Details and Click on “Save” button.

how to activate kyc

  • Once, you click on “Save” button… It will Start showing under “Pending KYC” section.

UAN Card KYC activation

  • It will take around 48 to 72 hrs… to get approved by the Employer. After getting approval… it will start showing under “Approved KYC” Section.

epf member kyc

(Note:- If your KYC does not get approved in 48 to 72 hrs… you may contact your Employer or the respective HR department team member for same. As your KYC details need to be approved by your Employer or Authorized Person. Because It requires DSC [Digital Signature] of the Employer.)

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